Everything about IASSC Green belt Lean Six Sigma Certification

IASSC Green belt Lean six sigma

Are you preparing for the IASSC Lean Six Sigma Green belt certification exam and want to crack the exam on the first attempt? then you are at the right place, this article is especially for you.

You know this certification is one of the most recognized Lean six sigma certifications across the world. Many working professionals, as well as freshers, are interested in getting this certification because this certification is respected in all types of industries.

This certification will open up a lot of career opportunities in front of you as well as helps you become an effective data-driven problem solver at your workplace.

In this article, I am going to share with you details about the IASSC Green belt certification like the format of this certification exam, how to set up this certification exam, important guidelines about the exam, how to prepare for this certification exam (self-study/online training), 

Also where you can find the best study material as well as practice questions for the preparation of this certification exam.

Overall this article is going to be a complete guide on the IASSC Green Belt certification exam, which will make your exam preparation as well as the journey of getting this certification easy. So Let’s start…


What is IASSC Green Belt certification?

Before discussing IASSC Green Belt certification, let’s have a quick walkthrough of the IASSC certification body. Basically, in 2009 IASSC (International Standard for Six Sigma Certifications) was established as an independent third-party certification body that does not provide Six Sigma training, coaching, or any consultancy services.

It facilitates and delivers centralized universal six sigma certification standards testing and six sigma accreditation.  IASSC is an official member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) and the American National Standard Institute (ANSI), which shows the credibility of IASSC Lean Six Sigma certifications.

Their Certification is accepted in all types of Industries like BMW, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, General Electric, ABB, HP, IBM, Nestle, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, etc. After 2020 more than 7000 professionals successfully achieved the IASSC certifications.

IASSC provides 3 types of Lean six sigma certifications like a Black belt, Green belt, and Yellow belt. Each certification has a specific body of knowledge and exam format.

Candidates must understand the respective belt’s body of knowledge thoroughly before appearing for any belt-level IASSC certification exam. (Check out – What is Green Belt Six Sigma certification?)

IASSC Green Belt certification is the 2nd level of certification in Lean six sigma methodology, which indicates the proficiency of a certified professional in implementing Six Sigma DMAIC methodology and is capable of leading small-scale improvement projects.

The person who achieves this green belt certification is called an IASSC certified Green Belt professional, the professional who is capable enough to lead small-scale six sigma projects or serve as a part-time team member of the complex projects lead by the Black Belts.


what is IASSC lean six sigma green belt certification


And who understand how to implement, perform, interpret and apply Lean Six Sigma at a higher level of proficiency. To become IASSC certified Green belt, you need to appear for the official ICGB certification exam and crack that exam with a good score.

For that, you have to prepare as per the Green Belt body of knowledge and give your 100% effort in understanding Lean six sigma concepts, along with that practice as many questions as possible, the more you practice the better you understand the concepts.

See, there are a lot of things you need to focus on while preparing for this exam, out of which the most important is exam format, knowing the exam format will give you clarity on how to start your preparation so let’s understand the exam format first.


Format of ICGB certification exam – 

Basically, this exam is based on the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology, one of the most popular process improvement methodologies used in all types of industries.

DMAIC represents the 5 steps of the six sigma improvement project. Every six sigma project goes through these 5 steps that are, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

Green belt professionals are members of such improvement projects, and they have in-depth knowledge of DMAIC methodology.

Green belt professionals are good at implementing this methodology for process improvement and are responsible to get better outcomes, which then benefit the organization.

IASSC has its own Green Belt body of knowledge, so those who are preparing for the green belt exam should understand the Body of knowledge thoroughly, in order to pass the official exam.

The IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt exam is a 100-question, closed book, proctored exam with a 3-hour allotted time.

Some forms of this exam may also include up to an additional 10 non-graded questions. The Exam contains approximately 20 multiple-choice and true or false questions from each major section, of the IASSC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge.

That means, 20 questions are from the define phase, 20 are from the measure phase, 20 from the analyze phase, 20 from Improve phase, and 20 from the control phase. That’s how equal weightage is given to each phase of DMAIC.

In order to achieve the professional designation of IASSC Certified Green Belt, from the International Association for Six Sigma Certification, candidates must sit for the IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam, and achieve a minimum score of 70%.

That means out of 100 questions candidates should correct at least 70 questions. to pass the exam successfully. To appear for the exam, you don’t need project experience or any kind of work experience. Anybody, who is interested in achieving this global certification is eligible to apply for the exam.

Only thing, you should study as per the IASSC green belt body of knowledge. For that, you can join any training platform, or you can do a self-study by using our platform ashwinmoree.com. Because our free blog article, 100% helps you, in understanding the complex concepts in DMAIC methodology. You should definitely check that.

If you thoroughly understand the ICGB body of knowledge and master all the important concepts, then you are ready to go for this exam. Once your exam preparation is done, the next step is to purchase the exam voucher from the IASSC official site.

The cost of the IASSC Green Belt exam voucher is $350 dollars, this is actually the price of the ICGB proctored exam. After purchasing the exam voucher, you should redeem that and schedule your exam on Proctor U, as per your convenient time and date.

Proctor U is an exam partner of IASSC, they will take care of your online proctored exam. Please check the detailed information about how to set up the exam, after the redemption of the voucher by clicking on the below article.

Check out – How to setup web based IASSC Green belt certification exam?

This article will tell you in detail about exam requirements, steps to set up web-based certification tests on proctor U, Hardware and system requirements during exams, and types of resources allowed during ICGB exams.

Please check that article and go through all other details, because this is a proctored exam, which means your single mistake can cancel your exam. See as per IASSC guidelines, each IASSC exam voucher is only valid for one attempt at an exam.

So if you do not pass, or your exam got canceled, then you will need to purchase another new exam voucher by spending $350 dollars again.

That’s why, before appearing for the exam, make sure you should check that article, and read the guidelines given by IASSC thoroughly, and follow those during the exam.

After successfully attempting the exam if you pass, you will get the final results from the IASSC support team at your mail address. With an IASSC green belt badge and digital certification copy, also your final exam score is in the form of a percentage.

This will take 3 to 4 days, and sometimes it may take 7 days also, so be patient and wait for their email or you can contact the support team in an emergency case using this mail address – Zen@IASSC.org, they will reply to you as soon as possible.

Alright, so once you will get the Green belt certificate from IASSC, then you will get that designation of IASSC certified green belt professional.

After this, you should focus on doing as many green belt projects as possible to improve your practical understanding of the Six Sigma methodology.

Summary of ICGB exam format- 


Body of Knowledge5 phases of DMAIC methodology (DOE excluded) ICGB BOK
Allotted time for exam3hrs
No of questions100 questions (MCQs)
Passing score70% (at least correct 70 questions out of 100)
Exam voucher cost350$
Validity period3 years (Recertification cost – 175$)
Exam formatClosed book and computer-based exam
Eligibility criteriaAnybody can attempt the exam (No work ex required)


One more thing you should be aware of is that IASSC has a recertification policy for all Lean and Six Sigma certifications which means after a specific time period you need to renew the respective certification by giving a recertification exam.

You will find the details about the recertification policy on their official site. Check out the below link

Check out this – IASSC Recertification policy.

As per that policy, IASSC Green Belt certification is valid for 3 years, which means after 3 years you have to again apply for the recertification exam, in order to renew your green belt certification. This recertification exam has a different format than the real exam.

IASSC Recertification Green Belt exam is a 50-question, closed book, proctored exam with a 1.5-hour allotted time. The exam contains approximately 10 multiple-choice and true or false questions from each major section of the IASSC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge.

10 questions from the define, 10 from the measure, 10 from analyze phase, and like that. 50 questions equally distributed in 5 phases of DMAIC.In order to successfully achieve recertification, you must achieve a minimum score of 70% in that exam. (correct at least 35 questions out of 50 questions)

Once you achieve that much score in the recertification exam, you will successfully renew your green belt certification.

So, this is all about the IASSC green belt exam format. Now let’s see the details about the IASSC training providers. (Check out – Cost of all IASSC Lean Six Sigma certification exams.)


IASSC accreditated Lean Six Sigma training providers – 

For the preparation, you can have two options either you can join an accredited Lean Six Sigma training program or you can do self-study using study materials as well as using our platform (Blog articles).

As per my knowledge, if you have experience working in the process improvement domain then you are already aware of the basic fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma, in that case, you can go for the self-study option. 

Just download the IASSC Green belt body of knowledge from the official site and start preparation, also you can use our platform for your preparation because every week we publish one conceptual article on Lean six sigma along with a case study. So this way also you can prepare for the ICGB exam.

On the other hand, if you are completely new to this field then training programs are really useful for you, that will give you the right direction to start your preparation and you can easily understand concepts from scratch.

In this case, also you can use our platform because our articles cover every topic from basic to advanced levels with a focus on conceptual clarity of readers.

See even if you are a working professional and not sure about your six sigma methodology understanding then also you can think about joining a training program.

It’s all up to you, before starting your preparation you must be clear with this question whether I need to join a training program or I can manage with self-study.

Once you are clear with this question then go ahead. Here is the list of some of the popular IASSC-accredited training providers –

  • Simplilearn
  • Grey campus
  • LSV group
  • Anexas group 
  • BSI services, etc.
  • Please check out the below link for more details.

Check out – List of IASSC accredited training providers as per the region.

See while selecting the training providers make sure you should check whether they cover the ICGB body of knowledge or not and also look for their feedback, on how happy the professionals are about their Lean six sigma training and support.

When you are clear with these two basic questions then go for the training. Alright! so check that link and select the right training providers for you. Now let’s understand how you can crack that exam on the first attempt.


How to crack the IASSC Green Belt exam on the first attempt? 

To prepare for this certification exam, you need two important things 1st one is the right preparation strategy and 2nd is the study material with practice tests.

Even though the IASSC Green Belt certification exam is difficult to crack but with these two things you can crack it on the first attempt. Whether you are working or fresher doesn’t matter, just you need to have these two things.

Generally, Lean Six Sigma training providers give you the training as well as study material to understand the DMAIC methodology, but hardly anybody can tell you about the preparation strategy for the ICGB exam.

That’s the reason I created a practice test course for all those who are preparing for IASSC green belt exam, it includes 500 practice questions as well as study material and preparation strategy videos. Till now I helped more than 1000 professionals to successfully crack this exam on the first attempt.

This course is completely created on the basis of my own experience of ICGB exam preparation. I cracked the ICGB exam on the first attempt with a 91% mark so I know how one can prepare for this exam effectively and get a better percentage, that’s what I shared in this ICGB practice test course.

What you will get in this course?

  • Tips on how to prepare for each section of DMAIC methodology.

  • 60 practice questions on Each Phase of DMAIC (Total 500 practice questions)

  • 2 Full-length Mock Exam is similar to the IASSC Green Belt exam Format.

  • ICGB complete study manual that covers ICGB Body of Knowledge.

  • Download Reference books:

    1) The Six Sigma Handbook (6th edition) by Thomas  Pyzdek

    2) The Six Sigma Project Planner by Thomas Pyzdek

    3)  Design for Six Sigma – A Roadmap for product development by Kai yang

    4) Lean six sigma for Services by Michael George

    5) Six sigma statistics with Excel and Minitab.

IASSC Lean Six Sigma Green belt practice test course


Now you know what is there for you in this course? but the big question is still there i.e. who can join this course? Let me tell you that you can join this course…

Well, if you are specifically preparing for the IASSC green belt exam and want to crack the exam on the first attempt, then you must join this course. Because this course will provide you with everything that is needed to pass the ICGB exam.

If you are not preparing for the IASSC exam but preparing for any other green belt exam like ASQ, CSSC, etc. then also you can join this course, because these 500 practice questions improve your Lean six sigma conceptual understanding up to the green belt level.

If you just want to test your Lean six sigma knowledge and want 6 reference books on Lean six sigma, then also you can join this course.

If you are a quality manager, quality analyst, process engineer, project manager, operations manager, process consultant, etc., and wants to strengthen your Lean six sigma understanding then also you can join this course.

So even though the focus of this course is the IASSC green belt exam but this course is not just limited to the ICGB exam, anybody who is interested in improving their Lean six sigma knowledge up to the green belt level, can join this course.

Throughout the course, I am always there 24/7 to help you with any doubts regarding the questions as well as conceptual knowledge. Now, the decision is yours. See, after enrolling if don’t like it, then you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You will get all your money back within 30 days if you cancel the course. So I think joining this course is a risk-free decision, at least you should try it once.

And if you like the course then continue it, use all the provided resources in the course, and make your IASSC Green Belt exam preparation easy.

Overall to crack this exam all you need is the right preparation strategy, practice tests with a detailed explanation, and the right study material.

This ICGB practice tests course can provide you with all these things in one place. so I would suggest you enroll in this course and start your preparation now…

Check out the Discount link –IASSC Lean Six Sigma Green belt practice test course.


Conclusion – 

Even though the IASSC Green Belt exam is difficult but as we discussed that with the right preparation strategy and practice you can crack it on the first attempt. You should give your 100% effort in understanding the Green Belt BOK and then practice questions as many times as possible from our course.

I hope you understood the ICGB exam format, about exam setup, and training providers, still if you have any doubts then feel free to ask in the comment section.

Now start your IASSC Green Belt exam preparation from today. If you found this article useful then please share it in your network and subscribe to get more such articles.


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